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Sherman Bloom


All photographs on this website are shown at low resolution so they will take up less space and will not be of significant commercial use if copied (purloined).  They are for sale either as prints, or as files that can be transmitted by an ftp or CD.  Prices vary with size of print or file  and planned use (commercial or private).  For further information contact Sherman Bloom at shermanbloom@mac.com.

Kids are fun to look at.

There is also something beautiful about them.

And this site aspires to deal in beauty, while having fun.

How to navigate this site is, I hope, self evident.  Just poke around.  Its easy, and maybe you’ll enjoy it.  Start by clicking on “Albums,” at the very top of this page

Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of images on this site, or ask how you might acquire them at exorbitant prices which are discounted especially for you.  Prices for archival quality giclee prints vary from $25 to $500 depending on size, image-specific factors, and intended use (commercial or private) which I will be happy to discuss with any prospective client.

I am happy to talk with anyone who has questions about technical or esthetic aspects of photography or visual art in general.

With few exceptions the copyrights to images on this website are held by Sherman Bloom.

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